Family constellations represent an extraordinarily effective method to reveal familiar bonding. Moreover, they provide the resources necessary to be able to solve personal questions and to achieve reconciliation with the past as well as with the family. In that progress, disappointments from the past may appear as well as the love often lying underneath.

We originate from a family and it does not always correspond to our wishful thinking. However, we are affected by the family, as we learn from parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. As babies, we imitate them – consciously and unconsciously. We experience all emotions, love, joy, laughter, attraction, respect, rejection, harm, shame, anger, etc.

By working in constellations, we may better see and understand our inner selves. We can abandon roles, we no longer want to play and we can redirect ourselves or orientate towards a new direction.
Not only the family can be constellated through representatives, but problems and states including their inner parts may as well be constellated. Thereby, hidden bondings, dynamics and energies can be recognized. Once having become visible, they may show the path to possible solutions.

This concerns questions such as:

  • Where shall I go?
  • Which way is best for me?
  • What do I need for success?
  • Which decision do I make?