Initial counselling interview / Satisfaction guarantee

1.Purpose of General Terms and Conditions.
he General Terms and Conditions rule the contractual relationship between myself, Birgit Wolters (hereinafter called „coach“) and the client / customer in case of utilization, payment, supply and realization of services offered and agreed upon. They are applied to the entire course of business with the customer and at the same time form integral part of the contract. Any dissenting terms and conditions of the customer do not apply, equally including the case that the coach does not explicitly disagree to any of them.

It is understood that you may have an initial counselling interview before deciding for a coaching. During this initial conversation, you may describe your current critical situation as well as become acquainted with me as your coach. Important aspects and content may be highlighted already there and first approaches may be defined. The initial counseling interview precedes the first coaching session and will be charged separately.

Guarantee: Should you realize after thirty minutes that you had a different idea about the coaching session or that our “chemistry” does just not feel good, we terminate the date at that point of time. It goes without saying that there will be no cost charging for you in this case.

If the session continues, it will be charged as a regular counseling time. Any further scope and extent of counseling sessions will be agreed upon between coach and client.

It makes sense to invest 90 minutes into the initial counseling session in order to set a first initial ignition. Kindly schedule enough time for our first session. Subsequently, 60 – 75 minute sessions are often sufficient according to the issues to be treated. Should you explicitly want to limit the sessions to 60 minutes each, please let me know beforehand. The sessions will then finish on time after one hour regardless of the state of conversation progress. Otherwise I do work in a process-orientated way, which means that the duration of sessions may vary according to purpose and requirements. Sessions may therefore also last 75 – 90 minutes taking into account content and progress. At all times, I only charge the effective time required.

2. Conclusion of Contract. 
Conclusion of a contract takes place through the customer placing the order and the coach accepting the order. The placement of order by the customer and the acceptance of order by the coach may take place by sending an email, by placing a written order, or orally by placing an order via telephone or in person.

3. Right of Withdrawal. 
The customer is granted written right of withdrawal within ten days after reception of the coach’s confirmation of order. This right of withdrawal expires when the coach renders the service in accordance with the customer prior to the expiry date or when the customer already took up the service beforehand.

4. Work Place and Time. 
Coaching sessions take place in the premises of the coach or those of the customer as agreed between both parties. Any individual exceptions may be agreed upon mutually beforehand. The coach only starts after conclusion of contract.

5. Fees, Conditions and Methods of Payment.
Preparation as well as wrapping-up of the sessions are included and will not be charged separately. After the coaching session, the client / customer receives a written invoice. This invoice may be used for tax purposes and / or tax deductions. If requested, the client may also pay the fee in cash personally after the session. As long as there is no other cost commitment from any other party, the client / customer is considered to be the debtor of the coaching fee.
Offers are non-binding and subject to change without notice. The fees which are either published on the webpage or defined in the coaching / consulting agreement are applicable to the coaching and consulting services. The fee is payable without deduction and immediately after the issue of invoice. Any withholding and offsetting of fees is only permitted in case that any claims of the client / customer have - in advance - been accepted by the coach or finally been determined by court.

6. Liability and Guarantee. 
The coach will, in all conscience, render every service ordered, personally. All documents, information, data as well as knowledge obtained about the customer by the coach during the course of services rendered, will be treated confidentially and will not be made available or accessible to any third party. This confidentiality clause includes the period following the business relationship. The coach is to be held liable only in case of deliberateness and culpable negligence as well as in case of legal liability, merely up to the amount of the contract value. The coach will render the service ordered as soon as possible respectively at the date agreed. She tries to adhere to the date in all conscience. However, possible delays due to a short-term strong demand cannot be eliminated completely. In case that an appointment cannot be adhered to by either of the parties, a substitute appointment will be arranged. Should it be impossible to agree upon a substitute date, any fee paid already will be reimbursed to the customer.

7. Insurance Coverage. 
Every client / customer accepts full responsibility and liability for himself / herself as well as for his / her actions within and outside of the coaching sessions and compensates he himself / she herself any possible damages occurred. Coaching is no psychotherapy and may not replace it. Attendance does imply and require normal mental and physical resilience.

8. Cancellation of an Appointment. 
A free of charge cancellation of a coaching or consulting session is possible till 24 hours prior to the appointment, in case of Monday appointments before previous Friday, 1 p.m. Afterwards, the fee for a 60 minute session becomes payable in full amount (here: crucial point of time is the moment of reception of email, text message (sms) or phone call as well as the confirmation from my part) due to the fact that the appointment may not be assigned alternatively at that short notice.

9. Agreement on Jurisdiction and Safeguarding Clause.. 
The residence of the coach (Bremen) respectively the local court responsible is the place of jurisdiction and the place of fulfilment. In case that one single or several terms of these General Terms and Conditions should be or become void, then this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

10. Any other Business
When placing an order to the coach, the client / customer agrees upon the General Terms and Conditions (AGB).

Impressum / AGB's von Birgit Wolters.