I have been married since 1994. My daughter was born in 2000 and my son in 2002.

My motto is: Form your life ... otherwise life will form you! My life as well as all the way I behave is characterized by changes, motivation and values. It means much to me to know my values and to live accordingly. For me personally, this means

  • that I am fascinated by the big steps as well as by the small ones
    enabled through this work
  • that I may work with people who have taken the first step towards another, new direction.

For my understanding, this includes honesty and loyalty at the same time as private values: love, family, friendships and courage.

In my free time, I enjoy sports like jogging, tennis, skiing and most lately golf, too. Travelling has always been my passion. My interest in other cultures and life- styles has been strong and distinctive since my early youth. Straight after finishing my studies, I have been travelled through Latin America, South Africa and Namibia for months.

Persönliches von Birgit Wolters.